Vehicle Protector


Every object or item have certain energy radiation surrounding it called “Aura”. As with any object, even your vehicles have Aura and consciousness. Using your vehicle with fear of driving, anxiety, stress, depression, agitation towards traffic, congestion, negative thoughts, panic or with any other pre-occupied negative emotions can constantly beam negative energy into your vehicle. The Aura of your vehicle must be cleansed to ensure safe travel. Having something in one’s vehicle, which can protect your vehicle and the occupants will be beneficial in our lives as most of us spend considerable amount of time travelling.

About the vehicle protector

Using the vehicle protector is an easy and effective technique to balance and heal the energies of your vehicle naturally. The natural healing metal used in the vehicle protector wards off the negative energy, heals the aura, cleanses it and draws divine energies to protect the vehicle. It also prevents the vehicle from absorbing negative energies not just from the user but from any other source, especially the negativity from other people like jealousy, hatred, evil eye etc. The positive vibrations constantly emitted by the vehicle protector creates a sacred space inside the vehicle as well as surrounds the entire energy field with positive energy and shields it from any outside negative influences. Therefore, you can clear the aura of your vehicle without having to do much every time you drive. Not everybody can have control over circumstances that can make you vulnerable while travelling. As such, choosing to do something more simpler is always more sensible.

Significance of Bronze Pyramids

The sacred shape of Pyramidal structure has been proved as the source of supernatural and Cosmic energy of the universe. Its uses can be traced back from the Egyptian times where they were used like tools to amplify the positive energy and to ward off negative vibrations. Pyramids are used to bring good luck, health, wealth, prosperity and to also shower protection. These pyramids hold special power when made in metals like gold, silver or bronze. Human association with metals goes a long way back in history. The ancient people viewed metals as mysterious materials found deep inside the earth and believed them to be full of spiritual powers and potential for creation as well as destruction. Bronze has been considered as a metal of protection, wisdom and strength. It teaches the values of transformation and adaptability. Bronze represents the free spirit, wild nature or animal power dwelling within all humans.

How to use

The Bronze pyramid can be used in multiple ways by using your own creative visualization. however, below are some of the suggested methods:

1. Place the pyramid on the dash board or in any convenient place in the car
2. Place the pyramid either on your study table/ work desk or in any corner of your house/ office to amplify the positive energy in and around you.
3. It can also be used as a wish pyramid, by placing your desires or intensions written in a piece of paper and place it inside the pyramid.

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