Rebirth sessions for inner child Wounds and trauma

For some life is not easy growing up, they might have faced a lot of difficulties, gone through traumatic events in early childhood, which would impact their early development to an adult. Because of these traumas and painful events in early life we usually would have developed some coping mechanism to navigate life, however as grownups even when we don’t need these coping mechanisms/protection as we learned as young life it’s hard to let them go, with this pattern it becomes very hard for an individual to connect with people around and feel isolated, causing fear, depression, anxiety, addiction to substances, anger etc.

It is recommended for these people to undergo a Rebirthing session to identify their early wounds and recognize their wall they had built. By this they can slowly start letting go of the memories from their conscious minds and body to heal from them. We help people to come out of their childhood wounds and traumas to begin to rebirth their lives to a happy life.

Dr.Purvi Jayaraj has helped thousands of individuals and offers a safe place for people to come back to their own bodies and souls to live a holistic full life.

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