Chakra Balancing & Aura Healing

Energy centers located at the mid line of the body

The Sanskrit word chakra literally translates to a disk or wheel. They are energy centres located at the midline of the body. There are many chakras in the human subtle body but 7 chakras are considered to be major and most important ones. Any imbalances in these chakras can result in the varied type of physical, mental and emotional issues. Awareness of which of your chakras are out of balance could be a key to regain one’s health. For example, frequent throat infections could be due to blockage in the throat chakra, recurring headaches could be due to a defect in the Agna chakra located on the forehead.

Unbalanced and Blocked Chakras is Illness

When your chakras are not vibrating or spinning properly you are unable to move your physical, emotional, and mental body onto a higher spiritual level. When we are born we can have a perfect balance or have an imbalance from the past lives we bring with our spirit.

Each chakra effects different parts of the body and almost all illness is caused by poor chakra health. When chakras become out of balance the chakra manifests the energy imbalance into the physical; the health of your physical body.

When you have chakra blocks you slow down the Chi, the life force, and the spiritual connection. You may feel depressed, out of touch, like you lost something, tired or unable to clearly think. You may get angry for no reason, be afraid, be unsure of yourself, lack self-confidence, be unhappy without a direct understood reason, and have a general negative outlook on life. All of these are indications that you have a problem to resolve that is chakra based.

We all exists on 3 different levels of consciousness, so each chakra holds a physical, mental & emotional level and a spiritual level of reality. On the Physical level, we can see that what qualities that chakra holds in our physical body, similarly in our mental & emotional body and then the spiritual qualities.

Different types of Defects in Chakras

  • Nervousness
  • Blocked chakras
  • Overactive chakras
  • Underactive chakras
  • Misalignment of chakras
  • Lack of interest in sex
  • Structural energetic defects in chakras
  • Timidity
  • Lack of love
  • Excessive fear
  • Suicidal tendency
  • Lack of creativity
  • Excessive sexual urge
  • inferiority or superiority complex
  • Self pitying, self hatred, seeking others attention etc
  • Afraid of change
  • Excessive confusion
  • Unable to forgive others
  • Feeling victimized or guilty
  • Unable to take firm decisions
  • Uncontrolled anger aggressiveness
  • Wanting to or unable to control everything
  • Suffering from excessive ego, jealousy, hatred

There are many ways to heal and rectify the defects of chakras. The apt one must be selected depending on the issue suffered by the subject and intensity of damage to the chakra. Taking help of an energy healer can help you choose the best option.

Aura Healing

Since ancient times we have seen pictures and paintings of different spiritual leaders across various traditions, one thing that is common among all of them is the halo that surrounds their head which is known as the Aura- energy field. It not only surrounds just the head but also extends all around your body.

This aura represents your physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual energies. The aura is often seen a mix of fine coloured frequencies where each colour defines its own individual nature and characteristics. The vibration of this aura is very fine and subtle so we need very fine instruments to detect it or perhaps we can use our inborn intuitive mechanism and our latent psychic potential to train ourselves not only to see the aura but also to interpret the different colours and shapes in the aura which can reveal us a lot of unsaid information. In scientific research, we have found that the aura is an electromagnetic field of energy that extends all around our body for about 4-5feet (in an average healthy body) and appears to be depleted in cases of an unhealthy person.

The aura of a person is directly connected to the level of health of the person. A person is considered to be healthy in terms of physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional wellbeing as well as highly positive spiritual energies. So, a person who is healthy at all these levels has a bigger and brighter aura and vice versa in the case of an unhealthy person.

If we study our ancient Indian texts especially the yoga sutras we will come to know the subtle anatomy of our human chakra system which is actually a very important aspect of our Aura. Spiritually we can say that aura is our very own soul nature, it reflects our innermost desires and feelings, emotions etc.

Aura is the layer of energy which interconnects all other subtle bodies and also acts as a shield covering and protecting our more refined subtle bodies like the mental, emotional, and spiritual and astral bodies. Like for our physical body to survive and maintain its health, oxygen plays a vital role for our existence similarly the pranic forces which are commonly called Prana is the subtle energy that is required by our more refined bodies to function and maintain a good health. So, if we want our bodies to absorb oxygen properly from the environment we should keep our lungs healthy thereby keeping our physical body healthy, similarly if we want our subtle bodies to function properly and to absorb the pranic energies properly we need to keep our aura healthy. Like for our physical bodies we do regular exercises to keep it healthy and working, we should also practice some form of energy exercise which regulates the proper flow of pranic energies in our subtle bodies.

Defects in Aura and its effects

The etheric body acts as a bridge between the dense physical body and the astral (or emotional) body; hence, the state of the etheric body (and its aura) influences the physical and psychological states of the person. For example, if the etheric body is grossly contaminated, the person will feel unwell and mentally unclear.

The converse is also true: every thought, emotion, word and action instantly influence the state of the person’s etheric body (its subtle organs, chakras and meridians).

Ideally, the etheric body is clean and resonating at a high vibration so as to allow a free flow of life energy through it; the aura should be smooth, dense and strong.

However, such an occurrence is quite rare – the aura of ordinary people who don’t consciously work on its health is far from being clean and smooth. It’s a common occurrence that the aura of such an ordinary person is uneven, has depleted or congested areas, cracks or holes, and energy cords attached to it.

For example, prolonged exposure to radiation of a computer monitor can breach the aura at the head, chest and the solar plexus level, i.e. at the level of its position in relation to the human body.

Breaks in the aura can be of different sizes – from pinholes to big gaping ‘wounds’. Such injuries expose and make vulnerable the inner fields of the person.

Below are a few common causes of thinning, cracks or holes in the aura:

  • strong emotions (anger, fear, etc.);
  • a psychological trauma;
  • alcohol and drugs;
  • anesthesia;
  • some pharmacological agents;
  • “soul fragments” missing;
  • a blow to the physical body;
  • environmental toxins;
  • electromagnetic fields;
  • an unintentional psychic attack from people (negative thoughts, criticism, household curses);
  • intentional (or black magic) attacks;
  • “hit and run” attacks by non-material entities;
  • others.

What is the danger of having the holes in the aura?

When the integrity of the aura is compromised, the person will experience draining of energy. This can manifest as a sudden energy loss, a sharp change of mood, headache (often migraine), acute pain, nausea, sudden illness (e.g., infection), etc.

The aura will normally recover its integrity in several days through a natural process of self-healing. During this period, the person may feel unwell and they may intuitively seek alternate sources of replenishment of vital energy. Since most of the people do not know how to replenish their reserves of vitality through natural means (that is by absorbing prana from the environment), they replace the energy by ‘eating something’ or by vampiring energy from other people.

The thinning of the aura also causes repeated physical injuries in corresponding parts of the physical body. Unhealed holes in the aura can have a long-term impact on a person’s physical health and have serious consequences.

Moreover, the presence of holes in the aura greatly increases the risk of attachment of negative entities.

An attached entity not only steals a person’s energy but it introduces its own negative markers into the person’s energy field. Such markers will have a strong psychological effect on the person, typically through the use of such emotions as fear, depression.

Since most people do not question the source of negative thoughts and emotions that appear inside their heads and automatically accept them as ‘mine’, they eventually succumb to the control of an entity who uses this acceptance to embed itself more strongly into deeper levels of the host’s energy body.

Negative entities may also contribute to the development of a disease. For positive long-term results, it is important to remove negative energies and negative entities from the human energy field before we repair the holes in the aura.

How to repair damaged Aura?

First and foremost, the root cause of such a damage must be identified later which an appropriate healing technique is adopted as per the guidance of the therapist to heal and protect the Aura. In our energy work we always follow the principles of bio-energy healing, those are the identification of the root cause, cleansing, healing, energizing, balancing, and protecting the treated area. This will be followed by teaching effective tools to the subject to maintain the aura strong by regular meditation techniques

FAQ’s about Aura Healing and Chakra Balancing

I can’t see the Aura and Chakras, how do I believe that they exists and influence me?

Today with the development of Hi-tech electronic gadgets and instruments which are able to detect the fine subtle vibrations in our surroundings, it has become possible for us to actually capture a glimpse of the human aura. The research on capturing this subtle energy field through electronic instruments was started by Semyon Kirlian, who accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a source of high voltage, small corona discharges (created by the strong electric field at the edges of the object) create an image on the photographic plate. And soon after his research, the development of Kirlian camera was done, through which scientists were able to photograph the electromagnetic field around our fingers. It was found, that objects which are not alive, do not change parameters of their “aura” more than 2%. LIVING objects, however, can change their aura field dramatically and quickly. This provides scientists with unique tools to study physics of LIFE and consciousness using bio-electrography. For example, Prof Bunzen in Russia found that the response in Kirlian Aura seems to precede (appear as soon or earlier than) electric processes in the brain during a decision making process. From his research, presented in 2001 at the International Congress “Science Information, Spirit” in St Petersburg, it seems that a thought “appears” in the aura before any electrical activity can be detected in the brain.

All living objects show continuous changes in their aura. A major series of experiments of a team of scientists coordinated by Prof Korotkov in St Petersburg, Russia, demonstrated that aura of the human body continues to change continuously for almost exactly 72 hours after clinical death. It seems, that among other things, not only the time, but also the reason for death can be determined on the basis of these changes. It is interesting to note that in nearly every culture on Earth for centuries people observe a 3 day period between the death of the body and burial. Christ was resurrected exactly on the 3rd day after his death. It seems that our wise ancestors knew MUCH MORE about life and death that we can even imagine today.

It also appears that auras of people who interact with various objects such as drugs, crystals, minerals, colours etc. may change significantly. Modern Kirlian equipment are capable to quantify these effects in terms of their influence on the electro-photonic glow. It seems that detailed functioning of every organ and health effects can be also determined from the recorder stimulated electro-photonic glow.

Slowly and gradually as more research was done in this field of Aura photography different technologies were developed claiming to capture the human aura or the electromagnetic field. Now till date, we have different systems like PIP (Poly contrast Interference Photography), DAS (Digital Aura Scanning system), RFI ( Resonant Field imaging), Human Biorhythm Analysis etc which claim to capture the human aura and also help us in detecting the subtle imbalances in our bodies.

Will our Aura be healed and chakras be healthy for a lifetime if healing is done once?

We all go through umpteen number of experiences which can cause minor or major defects to our aura on a regular basis. Though major defects of your Aura and Chakras can be effectively healed with help of an ace Therapist, care must be taken on a regular basis to ensure its well-being. Managing health of your aura and chakras can be done easily by practicing meditation on a regular basis. Contact Samruddhi, the pranic healing centre.

How do I know if my aura is healthy?

If the aura is bright and clear there is health. If it is dark and cloudy then there is disturbance. Being aware of the aura is beneficial in healing, in communicating and creating your reality. Once you understand the true state of your being you can alter anything you need to heal yourself. For more information about analyzing status of your aura check our Kirlian Aura Photography Page.

There are parameters to analyse the pattern of any chakra or layer of the auric field. So long as the energy vibration is clear and the energy is moving then this indicates health. Although certain vibrations can indicate issues like the presence of fear, being caught in the past, anger, emotional pain or even hatred etc.

These lower vibrations can be non-beneficial and cause a disturbance in the reality of the person experiencing them. If they remain in the system for a long time, then they may manifest as physical disturbances. Luckily, by having an aura reading and getting it healed you become aware of what is flowing well within your aura and what requires your attention as a healing project.

What does an aura look like?

TThe aura can be visualized clairvoyantly as colours. Because each layer of the aura interpenetrates every other layer, your aura in its entirety looks like clouds of fast or slow-moving multi-coloured light. However, each layer of the aura has its own unique vibration, or colour, which can be seen separately by an experienced clairvoyant.

The energy of the aura is in constant flux. Each individual has their own unique energy composition, which is always changing. Today the 2nd layer of your aura may be green, tomorrow orange and next week red. Depending on your current experience of reality and how quickly you are processing your experiences.

How can I see my own aura?

You can learn to look clairvoyantly at your own aura. The colour and its quality have to mean and can be translated into language. This can be helpful for you to read and understand the true state of your being and it allows you to alter anything you need to heal yourself. The first step in seeing your aura is to learn to meditate. Meditation (Chakra meditation) quiets the mind and filters out external stimuli so that you can tune into you.

Myths and Facts about Aura Healing

Myth: An Individual’s Aura is One Solid Color

Fact: This is one of the most prevalent myths in the aura reading world. People have multi-layered personalities and different motivations. That versatility is reflected in a person’s aura. While an aura will possess a dominant colour, it’s always multi-hued. Expert aura readers will study the aura carefully and consider all of the hues and nuances before they provide a reading.

Myth: Aura is Static and doesn’t change

Fact: Aura isn’t static. It’s influenced by your mood, your lifestyle and diet, family and relations, and professional life. If there are any problems in some of the most important aspects of your life, your aura colour will alter slightly to reflect the distress and imbalance. Expert aura readers will recommend solutions to cleanse the aura and restore it to its natural colour and balance.

Myth: Auras and Chakras Are the Same

Fact: Aura and chakra are connected and can influence each other, but these two concepts aren’t the same. Aura is the energy that your body produces and emits. It pours out of your body and influences the surroundings. Chakras, on the other hand, are a series of seven gates present between the body that controls the circulation of energy. These gates are usually perfectly aligned and the flow of energy through them is smooth and uninterrupted. Chakras can become misaligned, which can interrupt the flow of energy.

Myth: You can Deliberately Influence Aura

Fact: Many sceptics aim to test the validity of aura reading or photography by thinking different thoughts. For example, they might be amused by trying to think angry thoughts to influence the aura. This will only lead to faulty results because your baseline emotion would still be amusement and the aura reader or camera would pick that up. It’s important to step into an aura reading session with a clear and open mind.

Myth: Aura Cleansing Requires Special and Obscure Treatments

Fact: Aura cleansing doesn’t require many obscure treatments. In fact, simple changes in lifestyle and some great habits can bring your aura back on track. For example, you can meditate and exercise regularly to maintain your general physical, mental, and spiritual health after the healing sessions. That would have a direct impact on your aura and eventually, all imbalances will start to heal.

There are several myths surrounding aura reading, aura healing and it’s always wise to take them with a grain of salt. If you have questions, you should consult with a trusted and experienced aura reader and get honest advice on them. Myths and rumours will only undermine your ability to understand the concept.

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