Tarot Card Reading


Tarot cards are a deck of cards that depict aspects of life and spiritual development. These cards represent significant stages of life and the spiritual journey of the soul, they are intended to represent all the possible cycles of life and experiences that one might encounter.

Tarot cards are used to explore the journey of the soul through life, or through many lifetimes. The cards are used by many to study the cycles of life, develop a personal or spiritual philosophy, and for meditation and guidance.

In addition, they can be used to “read” the energies surrounding a situation and give useful advice, understanding, and guidance. Tarot cards contain symbolism that is deeply imprinted on our subconscious and collective mind, and through these symbols may draw out what is buried in our own minds and souls and bring it to light, where we can examine them and learn to apply these universal concepts to our own life. Many readers believe they have a psychic connection to their clients, while others believe that they draw energy or information from guides or from a collective universal energy or mind. Whatever the mechanism – and it may be different for each reader – it is apparent that they do “work”, when participated with faith.

FAQ’s about Tarot Card Reading

Is Tarot Card reading similar to astrological predictions?

Many people feel that tarot card reading is like foretelling in astrology but that’s not what tarot cards are all about. Neither their primary purpose is meant to predict your future.

The most powerful source of information comes from within – the Subconscious mind which is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. When the session is tuned to this portal of information appropriately by the ace card reader/psychic only then every single card will hold a divine message most appropriate for the individual. The tarot cards aid in coming in contact with this unlimited library of information. But to access the information without the intervention of the rational mind which can lead to biased outcome is the biggest challenge.

Getting the reading done through the help of an efficient psychic will aid one get in contact with your higher self for the appropriate answers for your queries. In tarot card reading you can either pose a specific question or be open for the readings which can give you helpful suggestions.

What kinds of questions can I ask?

You can ask almost any type of question, covering any area of life or personal development. The question can be about the past, present, or future, about your life, relationships, business, career, finances, or personal development.

If you ask about the future, please be aware that your future is not predetermined, and many things may affect or change it, including your actions and decisions and those of others, and random events. The future you will see is only what can be predicted based on events and energies that are already in motion, and represents the most likely future based on the path you are on now. You can always change what you see, and so can others. Because tarot is designed to represent all aspects of life, there is really no question you cannot ask. However, there are a few questions we cannot answer, for ethical and liability reasons. Because I am not a trained doctor, lawyer, or investment counselor, I cannot answer questions of a medical, legal, or investment nature. For these questions, I recommend you seek the assistance of a professional. So, for example, I am ethically and legally required not to answer questions such as whether you are pregnant, what stock you should invest in, or whether you should sue your employer. However, I can help you with other aspects of these situations, including emotional and personal issues, coping strategies, general courses of action or alternatives analysis.

Finally, the question you ask should be about you and your relationships with others. Doing readings that are solely focused on another person is considered unethical and may invade their privacy.

How should I phrase my question?

You may phrase it any way you like, but some ways may provide you with a more useful reading than others. It is recommended that you avoid yes/no questions. Receiving a yes or no answer does not provide you with very much information about the situation, and may not accurately reflect all the complexities involved in the answer. If you ask it differently you may receive a great deal more to work with. For example, instead of asking “Will my new business be successful?” you might ask “What do I need to know to make my new business as successful as possible?” This latter reading will tell about all the factors working for and against you, and gives you specific tools and advice to improve your situation – rather than being a passive observer of events. In general, try asking questions that empower you to improve the situation, that begin with how, why, what do I need to know, or other approaches that provide you with more insight into the situation.

I also recommend that you limit your reading to one topic – it may be a very complex topic, but try to avoid asking for a reading on more than one unrelated area. It helps if you can ask your question in a concise manner, then add any supporting information in your additional comments. Supporting information is very useful for the tarot reading, but is not required. Every tarot card is intended to represent abstract phases of life, and can have a wide variety of meanings depending on the question, the client’s situation, and the type of reading being conducted. For example, court cards can represent aspects of your own mind and personality, or they can represent other people. If I know a little about who is involved in your situation, I can more easily determine whether a court card represents you or someone else. While I trust the Universe to give me the cards that are right for you, I am not infallible in interpreting them. So, just as you would with any professional you were asking to help you solve a problem, providing background information is helpful.

Can tarot readings predict the future?

Reading tarot is a bit like reading weather charts – you can look at things that have already happened and historical patterns, what is happening now, what energies are forming, and the natural consequences of these trends into the future. However, the future is affected by your free will and that of others, and every action you take and decision you make changes it. The future, like the weather, is also affected by random and unpredictable events. Tarot can show you an extension of the path you are already on or events that are a probable result of things that are already happening, and hence a likely future. But it may not be able to show you things that are very far out in the future, things that are strongly dependent on the future actions of others or decisions that have not yet been made, or outcomes that are strongly influenced by random factors – such as gambling. Any attempt to “predict” events that cannot reasonably be considered a natural outcome of a current trend is considered fortune-telling, which is strongly discouraged by most ethical readers and is illegal in some states.

Can I change the outcome of my reading?

Always. Your future is not predetermined, and you have free will, along with the right and responsibility to exercise it. A tarot reading should never be accepted as an absolute prediction of things to come, but rather an encouragement if you are on the right path, or a warning of what may come if you continue down a destructive path. Tarot readings should be considered tools for making positive changes in your own life and for understanding the influences at work in any situation. Clients have the ultimate responsibility for using this information and making their own decisions.

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