Biorhythm Energy Analysis

An altered state of consciousness

All life processes in the human body are reflected in the pulse which is synchronized with the rhythm of the heart. The pulse contains information on all bodily rhythms within the entire body including commands from the brain and nervous system which have a profound effect on the state of a human body. Even little exertion or burden on the body can result in a significant change in these rhythms.

By monitoring the wave form and rate of the pulse, which is unique for each person, just like a fingerprint, the status of a person can be assessed objectively and changes in status can be monitored and forecasted.

With modern advances in technology, we can easily measure the activity of different regulating systems in the human body. This technology is based on what is referred to in the medical profession as the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) or changes in the heart rate. HRV is a well-known and well-established method that is familiar to physiologists around the world. In Chinese and Indian (Vedic) medicine, the health of the heart is traditionally assessed based on the pulse. At the minimum, the pulse, provides the number of heartbeats, but it also contains much more information.

Since the rhythms of all organs in the body are synchronized, a change in one rhythm affects all other bodily rhythms. The Predominance of the sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system is immediately reflected in the heart rate. Horizontal condition and blood circulation processes also affect the heartbeats, too. With computer technologies, bodily rhythms ictuses (a beat or pulsation of the heart) can be read through hypersensitive electrodes, which sense not only heartbeats but also overtones defining different ictuses rhythms and rates of a human body organism. Biorhythm analysis has uniquely incorporated these technologies into the device. Thus, by reading and measuring the heart rate, the device can assess the level of functioning of how different levels of the various regulatory processes and functions.

The “Biorhythm device” – allows for continuous control and monitoring of changes in the body following treatment and training. Such monitoring can, in part, facilitate quick determination of the correctness of a prescribed therapy or dosage.

How does Biorhythm Energy Body Scan work?

The electrode pads are placed on the inside of the patient’s wrists (as shown in the photo below). The electrode with the red plug is placed on the right wrist, and the electrode with the green plug is placed on the left wrist. It is recommended to moisten the skin on the inner wrist at the point of contact with a small amount of water.

During the examination, the patient must sit or lie down and remain calm and relaxed during the entire measurement period.

If the R wave amplitude is too low, the red electrode is placed on the right wrist and the green one on the left ankle (after thoroughly moistening the ankle with water).

To reduce disturbances when recording the ECG observe the following rules:

  • During the entire examination, the patient must be as comfortable, quiet and relaxed as possible. Do not talk to the patient, allow telephone calls draw his/her attention, or subject the patient to any other disturbances. It is also inadvisable to show him/ allow the patient to view the computer display where the ECG is being recorded.
  • The patient’s arms must be motionless and relaxed. If the patient is sitting, his/her hands should be on the knees. If he/she is lying down, the arms must be rest at his/her sides.
  • A radius of 1.5-2 m around the patient should be free from disturbances.

Analysis Done through Biorhythm Test

1. Tension Index

The vegetative nervous system reflects the ability of the body to respond quickly to any changes in the internal and external environments. vegetative nervous system consists of two parts, the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. The activity of these systems is opposite in character. At a basic level the sympathetic nervous system manages energy-consuming processes in the body, and the parasympathetic system manages energy-saving processes.

When an increase in performance is necessary, the sympathetic nervous system increases the frequency of heart contractions, blood pressure etc. When it is time for rest, the parasympathetic system becomes active and decreases the frequency of the pulse and blood pressure. Thus, the body constantly finally tries to find balance, or homeostasis using these two systems.

The Health Indicator here represents the amalgamation of all status indicators and serves as a conditional mathematical representation of health status of the person being tested. It reflects the general quality of physiological processes in the person and the degree of his/her balance. Application of the spectrum analysis allows the quantitatively estimate of different frequency components of fluctuations of heart rate and a visual representation of them in the spectrum chart.

2. Energy Pyramid

The sum of the values of the blue and red indicators shows a general quantity of energy resources utilizations in the body. The higher the value of this indicator, the more adaptive capacity the body is capable of, and the better the patient will resist stress and cope with different stresses.

3. Hormonal Regulation

Research has shown that synchronization of the bodily rhythms and hormonal balance are related to each other, and an improvement in synchronization is seen upon improvement of hormonal balance.

The endocrine system creates a certain hormonal profile, which helps the body to withstand external and internal influences and adapts to such influence. It is the functioning of the hormonal system which determines how optimally the body uses its energetic and physiological resources. The indicator of hormonal regulation of endocrine system is the exact reflection of the quality with which the endocrine system resolves its tasks.

4. Psycho-emotional status

The next and the highest system of regulation is the PSYCHOEMOTIONAL one. Which is closely connected with functioning of our brain. On the one hand, it strongly depends on the activity of the other systems; but on the other hand, it independently determines their functioning.

The hypothalamus is one of the main regulating mechanisms of the body. It has a direct influence on the functions of the brain. In turn functions of the brain manage other regulation processes in organism the body.

Colours in the image correspond to different levels of electric activity, and their distribution provides a gauge of the current psycho-emotional status of the patient. This indicator of psycho-emotional status demonstrates how strongly stressful situations affect the human body.

5. Brain activity waves

Our brain radiates waves of different frequency and there is a direct correlation between the activity of a person, his/her level of concentration or attention and brain wave frequency.

Depending on what person is doing and his/her psycho-emotional status, certain wave may be more active than the other ones.

Delta (0.1-4 Hz)- Highest delta wave activity occurs during sleep.

Theta (4-8 Hz)- Highest theta wave activity occurs just before sleep. Presence of a certain amount of theta waves in combination with alpha waves may suggest creative abilities. A high level of theta waves suggests a good connection to the with subconscious.

Beta (13-19 Hz)- Highest beta wave activity occurs in a state of consciousness and activity.

Gamma (19-25 Hz) – Gamma wave activity suggests an altered state of consciousness.

6. Energy Balance Index

The Energy balance index shows the composition and the structure of biochemical substances in the organism, ensuring the constancy of internal environment and adaptation of organism to changing living conditions in the long-term period.

It helps to assess the overall quality of the body’s physiological processes and the level of their balance. “Health level” is in fact the level of tensions which the body’s regulatory systems need to get into harmony with life environment.

The thin blue disc in the Diagram of Complex State Index indicates the standard for an average patient of this age, while the practically measured health index can rank above or below the standard level. In the right corner of the diagram the difference between the actual and the average value is displayed.

7. Health index of each Chakras

The health index view of each chakra provides an understanding of the client’s psychological and spiritual condition by processing images from the user’s bodily rhythms ictuses to which the corresponding chakras of the human body are projected. This view presents an estimation of the user’s Chakra energies and graphically displays each Chakra’s normalized energy value and emotional-physical imbalance of the energy centres of the human body. The user can see the size and alignment of their Chakras and can compare this to the ideal state.

The meters are indicated for each chakra on the Chakra Image report, each giving details of an aspect of your energetic body system. The Graph provides an overview of how your energies are currently distributed between Mind, Body, and Spirit.

8. Health status of Aura

Aura – The Electrical currents, along with their associated magnetic fields, can be found in the body (Becker and Selden, 1985). The electrical and magnetic fields of the human body are complex and dynamic and are associated with dynamical processes such as heart and brain function, blood and lymph flow, ion transport across cell membranes, and many other biologic processes on many different scales. These phenomena all contribute various field components to the biofield.

Biorhythm Analysis helps measure the biofield and understand and analyse its health status comprehensively.

9. Biological Age

People may be younger or older than their age; as a result, the diseases and death related to ageing occur at different age. Consequently, the true age of a person is determined not by time which has elapsed since his or her birth, but by the factors which reflect his or her vitality. It is the body’s vitality level which is defined as biological age. Biological age represents systemic disintegration of organism in the process of ageing.

Using the concept of “Gerontological curve” we can determine biological and true age of a person, which as a rule does not coincide with the calendar age, for the better or for the worse.

10. Daily forecast of Energy

Indicates the process of changes in the cycle of energy flow in the client during time. The rhythm of energy cycle could vary between high and low extremes, either indicating that your capacity in that area is enhanced; you feel stronger, more alert, more connected, more empathetic, with times when you are able to do more, be more, enjoy more or indicating “critical hours” of greater risk or uncertainty and your capacity is diminished, where attention in thought pattern, behaviour or lifestyle is recommended.

You can learn much more about the interpretation of these cycles from health practitioner as they can help you understand with the report generated as to what these positive and negative cycles mean and how to use this information to help in planning day to day activities. Reading your biorhythms and noting how you feel or respond to certain situations is the best method for understanding them. Personal experience will teach you the most.

Why is Biorhythm Analysis important for you while taking Healing?

1. It is a window into all the body’s important systems, their interconnectivity and how they are functioning to maintain health.

2. The visual information is pertinent and easy to interpret your health status with your health care provider

3. Shows an incredible amount of information on:

a) autonomic nervous system activity,

b) central nervous system activity,

c) total hormonal activity,

d) Tension index,

e) Energy pyramid,

f) Hormonal Regulation index,

g) Psycho-emotional status,

h) Brain wave activity,

i) Energy balance index,

j) Health status of each chakra,

k) Health of Aura,

l) Daily forecast of energy,

m) indications of thyroid imbalance,

n) as well as actual age versus biological age,

o) Energy balance in each endocrine gland is visually shown.

4. Shows how stress is impacting the client or patient’s wellbeing with information to improve their adaptive capabilities.

5. The Biorhythm analysis is easy to apply and only takes 5 minutes or less to administer and reports can be printed.

6. Results between successive tests are easy to visualize for comparison.

7. Become more aware of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies and know how they are affecting your health and happiness

Having a visual reference of the body’s metaphysical state can greatly enhance the healing experience and efficiency of treatments. the aura imaging systems are biofeedback devices that render an individual’s aura from precise human-energy readings. This is an extremely beneficial tool for visually validating aura and chakra changes to those who are unable to see energy channels. Using dynamic and real-time software programs, aura machines offer exclusive insight to aura-chakra health and strength.

The “Alfa” device is the perfect instrument to examine: – Health status, state of internal resources and available energy resources.

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