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Dr. Purvi Jayaaraaj

Ph.D(Alternative Medicine), Ph.D(Integrative Medicine), Doctor of Alternative Medicine
Founder of Samrruddhi Healing Center
Institute for Drugless Therapy

Internationally renowned Holistic Healer, Alternative Medicine Practitioner/Drugless Therapist, Hypnotherapist & Reiki Grand Master Mrs Purvi Jayaaraaj is a Revolutionist in creating massive awareness about Drugless Therapy, she is popularly called as a Spiritual Shaman for healing many mysterious health problems without any medicines.

Dr Purvi Jayaaraaj

Ph.D. (Alternative Medicine), Ph.D. (Integrative Medicine),

Doctor of Alternative Medicine

Founder – Samrruddhi Healing Centre and Institute for Drugless Therapy

Dr Purvi was born in Bangalore, Karnataka. She has done her MDAM – Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicine and Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine. Based on her expertise she was selected for Doctorate and Ph.D. program in Integrative Medicine by Integrative Medicine University, USA. Thereafter, she was honored with the ‘Permanent Resident’ Status by the Government of Australia. She is a revolutionist in creating massive awareness about drug-less therapy. She is popularly called as ‘Spiritual Shaman’ for healing many mysterious health problems without any medicines.

Along with the extraordinary performance in her studies, she has always had passion towards healing sciences. Her first interest in this field started when she was a school kid from a small Yoga & Meditation center, where she realized that we humans are not just physical body but a beautiful combination of Body, Mind and Soul and with such a realization, manifestation of anything and everything yearned for will be a reality.

This realization also kindled a thirst in her to learn many sciences that enhance the power of one’s soul, body and mind. She stared using this knowledge to cure her own health problems she was suffering from her childhood. This not just helped her get rid of her own health issues like a magic but also gave her a confidence to help others to get rid of their mysterious physical, emotional and mental problems. With all the positive response she got from people she healed she decided to take up Drug-less Therapy as her main profession.

She has learnt many holistic therapies from many renowned national and international therapists around the globe, which has proved to be magical and powerful tools in treating many issues using one’s own mind power. These sciences are all recognized and used worldwide by many internationally renowned therapist and trainers. Here are some of the subjects specialized by her:

  • Subconscious Mind – tapping into the hidden power of mind and knowing how to work with and apply mind power to get what they want effectively and efficiently. This scientific method can be used to combat many issues like tension, fatigue, depression, hypertension etc
  • Neuro-linguistic programming – is an approach to communication, personal and psychotherapy
  • Emotional Freedom technique – helps to overcome emotional turmoil and concerns
  • Life Force Energy – Deals with utilization of Prana Shakthi for natural drugless recovery from diseases

Her campaign for Drugless Therapies is carried through popular workshops around the globe where people are made aware of their innate abilities to get rid of several mysterious issues. She has been healing people through Drugless Therapies and conducting courses around the globe to help people realize their own power and potential to make life a beautiful journey as they desire. She believes and works with an idea that: “Any sort of change that we want outside us must first take place within us and this is possible by using our own MIND and God gifted ENERGY that is available in abundance for our use in the universe.”

Her simple approach and deeply held beliefs have motivated countless people to re-evaluate their attitudes. Her understanding and experience have helped people on the path of personal growth and fulfilment. Dr. Purvi is also founder of Drugless Institute and Healing Center named “Samrruddhi”, where thousands of suffers have got rid their mental, physical and psychological issues by believing in their own inner power and ability of their subconscious mind. Evidence of such recovery has been telecasted on popular TV shows and also by hundreds of written testimonials by satisfied clients.

Her teachings and healing techniques have helped thousands of working professionals and students overcome some of the most common physical, mental and emotional problems like: Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Restlessness, Hypertension, Lack of self-confidence, Drug Addiction, Fears and Phobias, Negative thinking, Concentration & Memory loss problems, Suicidal tendency, to name a few.

She has worked with many national and internationally renowned trainers from USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, South Africa, England, Japan, Egypt, Malaysia and many other countries. With guidance and blessings of many national and international spiritual masters and therapist.

Dr Purvi was molded into a professional Holistic Healer at a very young age and is now a Prevalent Mentor of Self-Healing abilities. She also holds the credit of being the Youngest and 1st South Indian Teacher of Jikiden Drugless Therapy from Japan.

Dr Purvi’s well-spoken convictions about Drugless Therapy has been telecasted on many popular regional news channels like TV 9, Public TV, Suvarna News 24/7, E TV News, Udaya TV, Kasturi TV, Samaya News, B TV, Raj News, Sarala TV, Zee TV Kannada and many other news channels. She has demonstrated on air successful recovery of hundreds of patients through her treatment, without any medications or surgery, who were medical rejects/ failures.

Dr Purvi is also running a Non-profit Organization named “Samrruddhi Spiritual Sanga”, where she conducts free courses on Drugless Therapy, which has been helping thousands of people to successfully recover from their chronic and mysterious problems.

Contact Details

Dr. Purvi Jayaaraaj
HEAD OFFICE:- Koramangala – Appointment on prior booking only
BRANCH OFFICE:- No.10-A, 2nd Main, GEF Block, Industrial Town, Rajajinagar, Bangalore – 560 010

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