Special Sessions for Pregnant woman

Special program that’s designed only for Pregnant women and women who are planning to conceive. This program trains women to be in their best state of health, mind, and spiritual wellness for them to have a very healthy pregnancy to give birth to a healthy child. Child’s experiences start in a mother’s womb, anything a carrying mother goes through will be passed to the foetus in the womb, it is recommended to be in the best state possible as a caring parent. Dr Purvi Jayaraj has specially designed this course to help mothers to ease their pregnancy and be healthy.

During pregnancy it’s common for one to undergo a lot of stress, mental imbalance etc due to natural hormonal changes in the body, with right guidance one can navigate these natural changes for the wellbeing of the baby and oneself. Always remember this life for a child starts in the womb of the mother and it is most important to create a right conductive environment for the child to come to this earth.

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