Frequently Ask Questions

Samrruddhi, an Institute that offers workshops & healing therapies that target at making you the master of your own destiny by unleashing the mystical powers everyone is born with.

What is Drugless Therapy and Alternative Medicine?
What are the fundamental principles of Alternativemedicine at Samrruddhi?
How does Drugless Therapy/Alternative Medicine work?
What conditions do Doctor of Alternative Medicine see?
How is Alternative Medicine different from conventional medicine?
Is Drugless Therapy/Alternative Medicine effective?
Is Drugless Therapy/Alternative Medicine safe?
Are Drugless Therapists and Healers opposed to drugs and major surgery?
Is Drugless Therapy scientific?
Can I see a Drugless Therapist and my family doctor at the same time?
How can I start my Healing Session at Samrruddhi Healing Center?
How long are therapy sessions for and how many sessions do I need?
There are so many platforms offering healing, what is unique about Samrruddhi?
Tell me more about the Samrruddhi integrated drugless healing approach?
Are there are any pre-requisites of taking healing at your center?
Do I have to get supporters to attend workshop at your center?
Could you please tell us the process of undertaking healing session at Samrruddhi?
Could you please give some examples of symptoms effectively treated at Samrruddhi?
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