Healing Attunement

A special healing attunement process uses the same high-frequency energies used in the initiations, but only for healing. This process opens a spiritual door through which powerful, higher-frequency Reiki energies are able to flow and through which the Reiki guides can work more effectively. Because the healing attunements do not initiate a person into Reiki, they can be given to anyone.

Healing attunements can be imparted for just providing somebody a superior experience of universal life force energy than generally experienced in treatments. This helps to boost the effectiveness of other healing therapies undertaken by the subject. The attunement process is a spiritual ceremony, where the Reiki Teacher uses the symbols and other signs in a given manner.

Healing attunements are sacred rituals, shared by Reiki Teachers, to students or patients who wish to experience healing light. The attunements heighten awareness of the universal life force energy. The powerful initiation clears the energy field, and helps us remember our True Nature and connection to Source. Through these transmissions of energy, we can embrace the innate healing capabilities that we always had within us but perhaps weren’t aware of.

The symbolic meaning of the attunements is that the Reiki Teacher is connecting with Earthly and Heavenly energies to help open the heart and intuition of the subject. The three diamonds, energetic centers, receive clearing and the five elements are called into balance. Certain mudras during the initiation help us experience oneness, compassion and unconditional love. The Reiki Teacher also empowers the hands of the recipient so they may awaken to the healer within them.

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