Kirlian Aura Photography

Know your complete Health Status in
Just 15 minutes with
Kirlian Aura Photography

Know how healthy or
ill healthy your Aura is

Your ill-health could be
because of your
unbalanced Chakras,
know their status
Kirlian Photography

We humans are not just made up of physical body but also consist of energy body, which includes Aura, Chakras and Meridians etc. Physical body is visible to the naked eyes but the energy body isn’t, to view the energy body one needs intuition or adequate training or can even be viewed by using scientific machinery called Kirlian Aura Photography.

Kirlian Aura photography measuresones electromagnetic field, based on the state of the art technology. It serves as a fantastic tool especially when a sufferer gets dejected by not finding accurate reasoning behind physical ill-health or mental issues in spite of varied tests conducted to physical body. By analyzing correctly stimulated and recorded Kirlian images it seems possible to quantify whether a person is stressed, tired or unwell and determine bio-energetic electro-photonic performance of the body and mind.

Shri Narendra Modi shares his experience regarding the scientific knowledge of Aura and Kirlian Photography at the inauguration of Lakulish Yoga University

Not just Spiritual Master and Healers even Scientists and researchers today all around the globe havefound that the aura is electromagnetic field of energy that extends all around our body for about 4-5feet (in an average healthy body) and appears to be depleted in cases of unhealthy person. The aura of a person is directly connected to the level of health of the person. A person is considered to be Healthy in terms of Physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional wellbeing as well as highly positive spiritual energies. So a person who is healthy at all these levels has a bigger and brighter aura and vice versa in the case of an unhealthy person.

Bio-electrography or Kirlian photography has the potential to serve as an extremely powerful and comprehensive diagnostic tool, capable of showing malfunctions of not just the body but also of the mind long before any physical symptoms become evident.

By utilizing the potential of bioelectrography it should be possible to take preventive measures, rather than wait until emergency treatments and surgery are required.

Through your Aura Photography in just less than half an hour one can know

  • How healthy or ill healthy your Aura is
  • How Balanced or Imbalanced your Chakras are
  • How much Prana Shakthi(Life force energy) is there in your organs
  • Present health status of all your organs
  • Probable future diseases
  • Major energy imbalances behind your physical or Mental sufferings

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