Past Life Therapy

Accessing and re-experiencing your past lives

Samrruddhi, an Institute that offers workshops & healing therapies for Past Life Regression targets at making you the master of your own destiny by unleashing the mystical powers everyone is born with.


Past life therapy is a regression process in hypnotherapy where the hypnotherapist helps a person to recall memories of previous incarnations usually done with the objective to help a subject to overcome an ailment, problem or an issue.

It is a holistic healing modality of regressing a subject to sought out the problems that a person may be suffering in the present because of some memories or imbalances of energies pertaining to previous lifetimes. Past life regression addresses the root cause and enables healing at the very source or core of the problem.

There could be two approaches to deal with the ailment, one is to deal with external symptoms the other is to address the internal cause. Treating a person based on the external symptom can make the issue bounce back repetitively whereas tackling the internal cause can heal the issue forever. Past life regression is done adopting the second approach of treatment where a person is hypnotized to her/his past it helps the subject to understand the energy patterns involved in the current issue influenced by the previous blockages which is nothing but accessing the root cause for the present effect of suffering.

Does it really exist?

Existence or non-existence of past lives has been the most debated topic in recent times. Volumes have been written about the existence of past lives in our holy scriptures, many investigations to substantiate the existence of past lives have been conducted by many researchers world-wide.

Rather than debating on their existence or non-existence one must consider the fact that past life regression has been one of the most powerful drugless healing therapies which has been miraculously effective in curing wide range of not just emotional and mental issues but also many physical ailments.

You can either deny its existence and reject its benefits stating that they are mere thoughts that might be lingering in one’s mind or accept its presence and embrace its advantage to overcome your shortcomings and to improve your lives. Choice is yours!!

You do not have to believe in reincarnation to receive healing from this amazing technique.

Benefits of Past Life Therapy

A successful regression can help one to discover the root causes of the mysterious problems one may be experiencing in the present and also help them.

  • To overcome fears and phobias
  • Helps to heal chronic diseases
  • To heal mental and psychological issues
  • To groom your personality
  • To unlock your hidden talents
  • To create more love and compassion
  • To feel greater sense of inner peace
  • To realize purpose of life and many more

Other benefits include healing addictions, sexual dysfunction, inexplicable attraction or aversions to someone, recurring nightmares, bed wetting, fear of death etc.

Myths and Facts about Past Life Therapy

There is a very strong prejudice in society (even ones with belief systems that support the twin concepts of karma and reincarnation) against doing past life exploration. The myths and legends about past life exploration are hard wired into the human consciousness for a reason.

The reason is that this Earth is a giant schoolhouse and we are all here to learn lessons that we “got wrong” in past lives. All that really matters is where we are now and what we are learning now. Being free from the knowledge of our past lives relieves us from the baggage of our past mistakes as well as from “cheat codes” that could advance us more quickly. So, we agree to “forget” and we agree to resist the knowledge and the freedom past life exploration could bring us.

So here are the “Top Myths AGAINST Life Regression Therapy”.


FACT: This belief – “what I don’t know can’t hurt me” – is the single most powerful force that keeps an individual riding along the “train tracks of karma”. If one has chosen a path of heavy karmic atonement, maybe the best strategy is to cover one’s eyes, grit one’s teeth, and hope for the best. Yet, just like the person, who ignores the unexplainable lump in their body, does not stop cancer from growing inside them, those ignoring their karma do not stop it from working.

In fact, the only thing that provides “relief” from karma is to understand how it works, to confront and resolve the issues it raises, and to live going forward in harmony with it. The terrible truth is the only thing that CAN hurt you is what “you do not see coming” and what you take no steps to “prevent”.


FACT: If the above statement keeps you riding along the train tracks of karma, this statement is the safety belt that keeps you fastened firmly to your seat. For the most relevant thing in your life, today is that past life karma that you are presently working off. The hardest thing to accept about life is that you are completely responsible for it – past, present, and future. As you have sown, so shall you reap.

What you have done to others, you have – are – will have done to you. That is the law of the universe. It is a law of perfect justice and complete accountability. It is the only explanation of how a loving God could permit each of His beloved children to be so vastly different in health, wealth, and happiness in any one life.


FACT: The above statement was made by a person who had lived through the horror of the Nazi Holocaust. This person had “lived” in a concentration camp for nearly four years when death put an end to that lifetime of suffering. If they could endure the horror of that life living it 7 days a week 24 hours a day for 1,400+ days, then hearing about snippets of it for an hour or so is surely mild by comparison.

In fact, it is what is not known that is ALWAYS more frightening than what is (ask any master of the horror film). Time after time, when the darkness of a past life is brought to light, the person involved invariably remarks “that was not so bad” and feels instantly lighter. The truth is that you have already done the hard part: you lived through it and came back to hear the tale.


FACT: Many times, the fear associated with past life exploration is that it will “destroy the picture that I have of myself now by making me think worse of myself”.

In fact, 99 times out of 100, when a person looks back on themselves in past lives they instantly connect with the emotional reality of who they had been. This invariably makes them feel better about themselves – not worse. For they learn about their own power, about how they turned tragedy to triumph, and/or about the special gifts they have inside themselves just waiting to be discovered.

And yes, people do learn about “bad” lifetimes. For example, in one of my lives as an avenging, brutal medieval warlord, I did many “bad” things, killing some with little cause and inflicting horrible suffering on many others. And yet, from that life, I developed unmatched strength, resourcefulness, cleverness, and many other skills I have today while the mills of karma have ground the “Death Knight’s” brutality out of me… and my self image is no worse for it.


FACT: Often when someone makes a statement like this, it is because they fear that it’s opposite is the truth. The client, who first raised this as an objection to me, was stunned by the truths that were revealed to them about their life now that had originated in a past life (in fact, those truths hit a little too close to home).

More often, I hear things like “so it looks like I have been growing herbs for centuries now” (in a past life, this person had been a nun who grew herbs for her convent). Or “how did you know that I love to go around barefoot – you’re scaring me!” (in a past life, this person had been a shoeless gypsy). Or “how did you know that I cannot stand to wear anything around my neck” (in a past life, this person was strangled to death). The truth of our past always emerges to us in ways that just cannot be denied, always.


FACT: I have respect for all religious paths… for in my stream of past incarnations, I have experienced all of the major religions of the Earth. And in fact, almost all paths recognize the validity of the concepts of karma and reincarnation (see the Quotes on Karma and Reincarnation for instances of this in world scripture).

The scripture of most religions always contains the seeds of these truths. Often, the seeds of reincarnation and karma have been systematically ripped out by the various interpreters of religions in an effort to promote the organization of the church at the expense of the original teachings.

Ultimately, it comes down to you and your experience… for experience teaches you what is true or false. If you are healed by past life work, if your life is made better by it, does it matter what religion says? Consider that religion is supposed to be about helping you… where it fails you, is it worth it? Only you can decide!


FACT: That’s fine. Two centuries ago, people did not believe in germs (“how could something so much smaller than me that I cannot even see hurt me?”) and went right on dying from diseases caused by lethal germs. Today, people suffer needlessly from karma that could be transmuted if only they believed it possible.

It is not my job to convince you one way or the other. Again, it comes down to your experience. People can be – and have been – healed by past lives without totally believing in them (see the Testimonials for how Past Life Healing works).


FACT: One of the benefits of “our fast-moving computer age” is that evidence proving the case for reincarnation is piling up all the time. Consult, “Evidence for the Continuation of Life After Death”, and Legal Quality of Past Life Evidence for full details and decide for yourself.


FACT: This is the same type of thinking as “you are just going to get dirty every day so why bother taking a bath?” The sad truth is that some people just love to wallow in the mud of their own problems. Yet that is how the wheel of karma works: people like this will just come back again and again and again until they are “sick and tired of being sick and tired”. Sometimes people who believe too much in past lives are the least motivated to do something about them. They go around whining “It’s my karma”. My answer to them is “as long as you have that attitude, it will be!”


FACT: If you are on the Earth, you are not free of karma EVER. Perhaps that karma has transmuted into dharma (the way of service) but you are still bound by the laws of karma. Even if you are Christ or Buddha or an ascended master, if you are here, you have something to work out that originated in past lives. Even if that something is to refine your skills, you are doing so while on the path of karma. Beware the person who claims to be free of karma “for they know not what they do!”


FACT: Definitely not! When you visit a past life for therapy purpose, your mind takes you back only to the time where the real reasons for your existing issues are lying. All of this happens in the mind in a deep state of Hypnosis, while physically you are sitting easy and relaxed on a comfortable recliner in your therapist’s office, completely safe and taken well care of by your therapist. You are always in control of yourself, no matter how deep the state of trance or Hypnosis is. Your mind is always aware of your surroundings and of the present. So there is no way that anyone can ever “get stuck” in the past.

Other FAQs

Can PLR be done by anyone?

The biggest question is whether you want to take a chance with your health by going to a person who has become a hypnotherapist by watching television shows. It is definitely important to go to someone who is both trained and experienced in this field. One should thoroughly check the credentials of the practitioner. Without profound knowledge of how to access, manage and use the information contained in the subconscious mind of the subject, therapist can never reap the benefits of regression to overcome their issue. Reach out to the certified Past Life Regression Therapist, Dr Purvi Jayaaraaj, for Past life healing.

Why can’t everyone be hypnotized to view their past lives?

Most people are able to relax and experience a vageful meditative state that is necessary to recall past lives whereas some are unable to do so. To understand this one must first realize the phenomena of mind. Our mind has two aspects conscious and the subconscious, the conscious mind does the gathering of information, rationalizing, reasoning, logical thinking, calculations etc. For example, storing symptoms of a migraine headache whereas subconscious takes care of our emotions, involuntary actions, stores memories etc. For example, stores memories of root cause behind the headache. For one to access the subconscious aspect of the mind one has to reach an alpha brain wave state which can be achieved by a person who can dive into relaxation or meditative state easily. On the other hand, it would be difficult or impossible for a person who is too logical, stressful, sceptical to dive into that part of the mind which can reveal the root cause of the suffering.

Therefore people who are able to relax deeply can have a vivid and detailed recalls of their past life where as people that are unwilling, sceptical and stressful are mostly unable to do so. However, a professional hypnotherapist can help and assist both the category of people to realize their past and heal their issues to different healing modalities.

Messages by Mrs Purvi

The most beautiful thing about every regression is the instantaneous transformation I get to witness in the subject and healing subjects gets to witness in themselves, one must be aware that Past Life Regression is less about regressing a person to dig into their past and more about helping the individual understand the karmic pattern involved in the energy blockages and thereby the diseases are healed like magic by the mind.

Past life regression therapy is a therapeutic, scientific, effective and empowering healing modality and not just merely looking into one’s past. Unlocking deep emotions and experiences stored in one’s cellular memory by a trained and effective Past Life Regression Therapist can bring in great transformation in one’s life and past life regression is one of the most effective ways to do so.

The Past is Still Present

When most people look for evidence of their past lives, they usually overlook evidence that is “hiding in plain sight”.

Looking at the present-day world through past life eyeglasses can give one a whole new perspective on and an explanation for certain phenomena that has been and is present in “real life”. Here is some evidence of past life carry overs that explain several observable present day situations and phenomena.


The most common and most overlooked impact of past lives on the present is in the area of gender identification. Past lives contribute the most to an individual “feeling like” a man or a woman “on the inside”.

Consider the lengths – physically, socially, and financially – that some (commonly called transsexuals) go to in changing their outer gender appearance to correspond to their inner emotional reality. It is then you will gain an appreciation for how compelling the drive toward correct gender identification is and how deeply such conflicts can run in an individual. This is an outgrowth of that person having incarnations that are predominantly of one gender.

For example, in my case, I have been predominantly male in many lifetimes. I used to be very tomboyish in till I embraced the feminine gender (thanks to meditation and self-awareness that grew with it).


The “deja vu” experience is the feeling that we have been somewhere or done something before when we could not possibly “have been there or done that”.

For example, Peter Ramster investigated Cynthia Henderson who “remembered a life during the French Revolution. When under trance, she spoke in French without any trace of an accent, understood and answered questions put to her in French, used a dialect of the time, and knew the names of streets which had changed and were only discoverable on old maps”.

A more compelling case of deja vu is the “800 Year Old Case of Synchronicity” reported by Dr Bruce Goldberg who had two clients unknown to one another who shared the same lifetime. In different sessions years apart, they reported identical events from the opposing viewpoints of their past life personalities. Only Dr Goldberg knew of this synchronicity (for more see Ramster “In Search of Lives Past” and Goldberg “Past Lives, Future Lives”).


Children who claim to remember a previous life have been found in many parts of the world, particularly in areas where the concept of reincarnation is accepted “as in the Buddhist and Hindu countries of South Asia”. There are also cases “among the Shiite peoples of Lebanon and Turkey, the tribes of West Africa, and the American Northwest. Stevenson has collected over 2,600 reported cases of past life memories of which 65 detailed reports have been published. Specific information from the children’s memories has been collected and matched with the data of their former identity, family, residence, and manner of death.”

Many believe that children’s past life memories are among the most compelling because given the level and complexity of detail “remembered”, it would be almost impossible to fake this information by coaching. (For more see Ian Stevenson’s “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation”, “Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect”, “Children Who Remember Previous Lives”, “Unlearned Language: New Studies in Xenoglossy” and Carol Bowman’s “Children’s Past Life Memories”).


Extreme forms of past life manifestations in children are the phenomena of “child prodigies” (children who are born with extremely advanced expertize) and “idiot savants” (children who can perform complex mathematical or scientific calculations but are lacking in very basic social skills).

Child prodigies have developed certain skill sets in such a high degree in past lives that they become deeply ingrained in their persona. So when that Soul reincarnates, the skills come along in the new body fully intact and a child prodigy is born. For example, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart believed that he had been a musician in many past lives where he had developed his amazing technical skills.

Similarly, idiot savants reincarnate with fully developed skill sets but there is usually such a serious imbalance between their mental and emotional bodies as to put the mental body completely in control of the individual. The mind “out of control” drives the emotions and the physical body of the savant to act in ways that are considered to be socially unacceptable. The karmic goal of this existence is to “knock” the emotions back into shape and restore balance.


Xenoglossy is someone’s “ability to speak or write in a language that has not been learned”. Cases of xenoglossy are the hardest to explain – other than in the context of past lives – where the individual involved “spontaneously” can write in languages long extinct and known only to a handful of research scholars.

For example, “Dr Morris Netherton reports one case of a blond, blue-eyed eleven-year-old boy who under hypnosis was taped for eleven minutes as he spoke in an ancient Chinese dialect. When the tape (recording) was taken to a professor at the Department of Oriental Studies at the University of California it turned out to be a recitation from a forbidden religion of Ancient China” (see Ian Stevenson’s work “Unlearned Language: Xenoglossy” for more).


Multiple or severe birth defects are usually the results of an individual being on the spiritual “debt consolidation karmic payment plan”. Since birth conditions can never be ignored and usually last for the entire lifetime, they become the perfect vehicles for the working off of serious and complex karmic conditions arising from past lives. It is as if all the individual’s problems have been rolled into one big, gigantic ball that the individual will be dragging around for “the rest of their life”.

“Birthmarks or other physiological manifestations have been found to relate to experiences of past lives, particularly violent death. Writing as a specialist in psychiatry and as a world-renowned scientific investigator of paranormal events, Ian Stevenson asks us to suspend our tendencies to disbelieve in reincarnation.” Consider the reality of the burgeoning record of cases now available detailed in his book “Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect: Birthmarks and Birth Defects”.


Many people dream of looking across a crowded room and seeing the love of their life. “Love at First Sight” is a well documented historical phenomenon. Caesar and Cleopatra acted as man and wife from almost the first moment they met one another. Once Czar Nicholas met Lady Alexandra, he – in an uncharacteristic act of stubbornness – refused to consider marrying anyone else. After Queen Victoria met Albert, she became determined to marry him. The same with King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and the list go on.


Every attitude and belief you have comes from somewhere. Obsessions and compulsions in this lifetime are usually directly traceable back to a past life where they originated. If the traits or the behaviors are disempowering enough in one’s life today, then it becomes a Obssesive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

The spiritual purpose of OCD is force the individual to seek the answer to why they are now being “plagued” with thoughts and behaviors that they have “no control over”. When the life lesson associated with OCD has been fully learned and “absorbed” into the individual’s body-mind, the “disempowering” trait or behavior will fall away. Often all that is needed is for the individual to confront the past life(s) where the OCD originated and integrate the necessary learning.


Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) and/or Schizophrenia (SCH) can be caused by the emergence of past life personalities that arise to help the present day person solve problem(s). The trouble comes when these past life personalities are not properly reintegrated back into the present day person’s memory.

What normally happens is, that when an individual is in crisis, they access the “unused” part of their brain where their past life personalities are stored to help them overcome it. When the crisis is averted, the pathway to that part of their brain is automatically shut off.

In cases of MPD or SCH, the crises are so severe or so chronic that this shut down mechanism can no longer function properly. The mind then has difficulty distinguishing between the current and all prior personalities. In a sense, the prior personalities come back to life and fight for the attention of the current body-mind.

In SCH, there is a dominant prior personality which drives out all others except themselves and the current day personality. In MPD, a host of prior personalities jockey for position at the forefront of the person’s awareness and end up “taking turns”.


Ever met someone whose life was a “bad news buffet”? Ever met someone whose life – if put on a television soap opera – would be just too tragic to be believed? Ever met someone who never seems to get ahead and is the classic case of “when bad things happen to good people”? Most people have.

It raises the classic problem of “evil”: for how does a truly loving God let “bad things” happen to some of His children and not others? The answer is: “as one has sown, so also shall one reap” and those who “sow the wind” will “harvest the whirlwind”. In the context of present lives being the working out of past life causes, there is no hard luck… there are only experiences one has chosen. Often those experiences are to suffer for ourselves what we have caused others to suffer.


The encounter with the “problem of evil” is greater nowhere than in cases of infants born addicted to drugs or severely compromised mentally and physically as in Down’s Syndrome cases. If a person only “got only one shot at life” and it was with extreme birth defects like these, then how could belief in a loving, just, and merciful God be possible? I think it could not be.

When it becomes clear that these situations were chosen by returning suicides, Nazi medical experimenters, serial killers, and the like to understand the effects of their brutality, then the role of cosmic justice becomes clear.


A tangible form of the “deja vu” experience is what I call “unearthing buried treasure”. There have been documented cases of individuals retrieving things in a later life that they had stashed away in a previous one.

Take the case of Shanti Devi from New Delhi, India “who at the age of four began to mention certain details about clothes, food, people, incidents, places which surprised her parents. Briefly, Shanti mentioned the following which was later verified to be true. She identified herself as Lugdi and used to live in Muttra, 128 kilometres away… She knew in her former life where she had hidden 150 rupees in an underground corner of a room for safe keeping in the house. The husband of the previous life, Kedar Nath, confirmed that although the money was not there (when the case was investigated) he was responsible for (finding it) and taking it himself.”

Famous examples of recovery using Past life regression

The goal of past life reading at Samruddhi, Bangalore, is to heal blocks that interfere with not just emotional but also mental & physical well-being. A couple of them are mentioned below here. Samruddhi, the Drugless Therapy centre, holds a big list of helping people recover from their issues through Past life regression.

Abhijith aged 13 was suffering from asthma attack from age of 2. Witnessing the child undergo pain wheezing, excessive non- stop coughing, disturbed sleep, panic and anxiety attack, chest pin despite use of every kind of medications was a very painful phase for his parents to undergo. When this family approached Samrruddhi for help the patient Abhijit had difficulties even to talk and perform his normal daily activities. The child was regressed to find out the root cause of the issue and all the triggering factors were resolved. Changes were witnessed by the child and his parents within a span of 5 days and complete recovery were achieved within 15 days of Past Life Regression Therapy.

The same was telecasted on Raj News and Udaya TV regional Kannada channels, where the child proudly shares his miraculous case of recovery from being in a verge to get a TC from school to being in the absolute healthy state.

Here are some other instances

Poornima aged 36 was suffering from an excruciating migraine headache for more than 20 years. She was experiencing shifting pain on different side’s f the head, nausea, vomiting, extreme sensitivity towards the light, sound and smell, giddiness, a blurred vision almost every day in spite of taking painkillers. When her mind was linked to the root cause of her issues during regression she was able to overcome all these issues within a week. The suffering of two decades was resolved in less than 2 weeks without any medication with the help of her own soul via past life reading at Samruddhi, Bangalore. The same was telecasted on Raj news and Suvarna News 24/7 regional Kannada news channels.

Keerthi aged 38 was suffering from mysterious stomach problem for more than 10 years with symptoms of constipation, tiredness, back pain, headache, nausea, irritable bowels, depression, anger etc. All medical reports would turn out to be normal despite f these sufferings. Releasing karmic energies from her past not just helped her to overcome physical ailments but also helped her again mental peace by Regression therapy. The same was telecasted on Samaya TV & Raj News a regional Kannada news channels.

Venkateshappa aged 42 was suffering from pain at different parts of the body for more than 10 years with symptoms of fatigue, morning stiffness, joint pain, numbness, heavy body etc. Unlocking secrets from the past through Past life healing helped him enjoy light healthy body within a week and freed him from all the painkillers. The same was telecasted on Raj news a regional Kannada channel.

Chandan aged 37 was suffering from depression, anxiety, hypertension, negative thoughts, acidity, frequent bowel movements, excruciating back pain etc from teenage. Undergoing Past life regression not just helped him to find out the reasons behind his psychological disorders and physical ailments but also helped him to gradually stop his daily routine of taking 10 – 12 tablets. His graceful recovery from the nightmare within a span of 6-10 days treatment at Samruddhi, past life reading centre at Bangalore was telecasted on Samaya TV.

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