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“Mi” means beauty and “Gun” means health in Chinese character. Together, “Migun” represents the balance of beauty and health in life.

Migun has been established since 1988 in Japan offering people a unique alternative health care product to better improve their health and overall well-being. The Migun Thermal Massage System is approved by FDA as a class II medical instrument under the 510K regulations. Migun also has acquired numerous patents, recognized awards, achievements, and have been clinically tested.

As societal changes reflect changes in the workplace; accordingly, our overall health and well-being needs become altered. Every human being uses their back to support the weight of their body, which results in tremendous wear and tear affecting the vertebrae, organs, and your body’s qi. Without renewal and direct intervention this deteriorating effect will continue.

The Migun Thermal Massage System uniquely integrates thousands of years of Eastern medical wisdom with the technological advancements of Western medicine to provide you with a rejuvenating massage like no other.

The Massage Energy Thermal Massage System represents the fusion of acupressure, acupuncture, heat-therapy (moxibustion), chiropractic, and massage. The bed provides electronic heating with Helium-Jade stones; it produces far infrared rays that penetrate the surface of the body, so that the massage heads compress the autonomic nervous system and capillary blood vessels of the neck, thorax, lumbar spine, and sacral region of the pelvis. The jade “eggs” continually massage along the hamstring muscles of the thighs, which enhances the blood circulation in the lower limbs. It also has an external 15-way jade massage probe that stimulates the surface of the abdomen and pelvis, resulting in increased blood flow.

What does all this mean to your health? Live better and feel better. Users of the Massage Energy Bed have reported many different health benefits, some of which include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Reduced Chronic Pain
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Better Sleep
  • Reduced Digestive Disorders
  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Circulation
  • Detoxification of the Body
  • Increased Lymphatic Flow
  • Reduced Lactic Acid

The Technology developed by Migun has almost unlimited health benefits on the body while being used long term. Far-Infrared rays penetrate the surface of the body, allowing for the expansion of collagen tissues which then allow the mechanical jade heads to effectively push out all of the impurities that are stored in those tissues. The FDA approved Massage Bed also acts as a mechanical traction device stretching and straightening the spine, allowing your nerves and in turn your entire body to function more efficiently.

A recent study done by Dr. Steven Suh, a professor at UC Irvine, School of Medicine produced some amazing results. The study on T-Lymphocryte and Natural Killer Cell function suggests that long term Migun massage therapy may have immunostimulatory effects in healthy subjects and may have potential importance in the therapeutic use of the Migun HY-7000 massage in old subjects with impaired immune system function.

The (5) Principles Behind the Migun Thermal Massage Bed

  • Acupressure
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic
  • Massage
  • Far infrared therapy

Are all rolled into one to provide you with a deep, relaxing, soothing heat massage, while also giving your spine a soothing stretch plus stimulating the key acupuncture points, blood vessels, and muscles to accelerate and improve blood circulation. You don’t have to worry about invasiveness or discomfort of any needles. As you lie down and relax on the Migun thermal massage bed, your body weight, along with the internal Jade stone probes gives you the effect of acupuncture. According to oriental medicine, jade has always been known to have mysterious healing affects, promoting longevity, and discharging toxins from our bodies.

Heath Benefits through Migun’s Unique Healing Bed experience

The internal Jade Massage Heads of The Migun Thermal Massage Bed is uniquely designed to apply heat, pressure, and massage accurately to those acupuncture points where the spinal nerve roots are located. Also, the lengthwise distance between Jade Massage Heads is also uniquely designed to give a support and relaxing stretch to the spine, not applying too much tension.

Effects of Oriental Medicine by Using Migun

The Migun products target these acupuncture points along the spine with a precise, relaxing massage that would offer the same therapeutic benefits one would receive from a session of acupressure or acupuncture.

Finger Pressure Effect

Migun Thermal Massage accelerates blood circulation by warming up blood vessels around the spine, and at the same time, it supplies clean blood to the body by dissolving dirty blood lumps around the spine. Increasing the temperature inside the spine also helps generate blood from the marrow. Acupressure (finger pressing) effect and heat combined boost the energy level. The combination of acupressure and heat accelerates recovery of damaged or misaligned spine, eases pain, and speeds up the rate of metabolism.

Massage Effect

The Internal Jade Massage Heads automatically massage muscles and tendons around the spine, relieving tension and unblocking clogged blood vessels and energy channels. Massaging the spinal area relaxes hardened nerve roots and improves the circulation of energy. As a result, the organs will become stronger and increase their ability to fight diseases. In both western and oriental medicine, massage has long been used as a method of natural healing. It is also one of the best relaxation techniques.

Jade Effect

What is Jade?

In oriental medicine and history, jade is known as a mysterious healing stone that produces longevity, and royal families favored it for its miraculous effect on the human body. Looking at various oriental medical books, jade is well known for healing stressed organs and discharging toxins. It slows the process of cell aging, and has the excellent ability to strengthen the body’s natural defenses and healing power. Jade is also known to help the circulation of ‘Chi’ inside our bodies.


Components of Jade

Jade contains vital elements for the human body, such as the minerals, calcium, magnesium, and water. 40% of these elements is magnesium, which also is a major component of chlorophyll. Human cells are also constituted with magnesium, so the Chi radiation from Jade is the same waveform that comes from human cells. Hence, the fluctuation from Jade penetrates into a human body evenly to produce better health conditions through re-activation of biological tissue, better blood circulation, soft alkalinization of blood, and detoxification.

Far Infrared Rays

Since Migun Thermal Massage uses far infrared rays, it is also extremely important to use Jade as it is the best known natural transmitter of far infrared rays. When heated, jade emits negative ions, which are essential for the body’s natural anti-aging system.

Infrared waves are between visible light and microwave rays in the electromagnetic spectrum. The wavelength of the infrared waves vary from 0.76 microns to 1,000 microns – near infrared ranging from 0.76 to 1.5 microns, mid infrared from 1.5 to 4 microns, and far infrared from 4 to 1,000 microns. Characteristics of infrared waves are that it radiates or spreads from a localized source, it naturally generates heat by causing the body’s molecules to rapidly vibrate against each other, and unlike visible light, it can deeply penetrate skin and the underlying tissues. It is a form of energy that heats objects directly through conversion without heating the air between.

The human body absorbs infrared in the 3-50 micron range. The far infrared waves between 7 to 14 microns have proven to have special regenerative effects on the body, with an optimum absorption at the 9.4 micron frequency. Our palm emits infrared energy between 8 to 14 microns. Palm healing, which has a 3,000-year-old tradition in China, has been based on the healing of these natural infrared rays. The yogis of India also used such palm healing and recommended it especially for relieving eyestrain. Migun Thermal Massage Bed output is between a 7.5 to 10 micron range for maximum benefits to our body.

FAR infrared heat waves benefit our body by:

Dilating blood vessels/capillaries, providing increased flow of rich oxygenated blood to muscles & joints

Reducing muscle spasms, promoting healing of injured or sore muscle fibers

Improving flow of lymph system to reduce swelling and inflammation

Stimulating cellular and enzyme activity

Raising white blood cell count – greater immunity

Promoting the adhesion and osmosis of water molecules across the cellular membrane

Due to such wide therapeutic uses of far infrared, doctors in Europe and Japan have conducted extensive research and found that far infrared waves speed removal of toxins from the body, which are often major contributors to various health problems. Numerous toxins are absorbed and stored in our bodies. Toxic gases like Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide, and substances like Lead, Mercury, and Chlorine are encapsulated by large water molecules. When toxins are present in the body, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy is impaired. The body’s immune system is inhibited, which makes it difficult for the body to fight disease. However, when 10 microns of far infrared is applied, the large water molecules vibrate and breakdown the ion bond to release the encapsulated gases and toxic materials. Such phenomenon is called resonant absorption.

List of other benefits

Migun HY-7000 Thermal Massage System:

it is not just your traditional massage bed. It is a therapeutic massage bed, which provides a deep, relaxing, and soothing full body massage like no other and more.

Uses the Migun Five Principles:

provides you with the effects of acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, massage, and Far Infrared heat. Non invasive, no worry or discomfort of needles.

Uses a Patented Five Jade Probe System:

applies deeper penetration to the acupuncture points and range of motion. Unlike other massage beds that uses roller motion, rolling over the scapulas (bone) along the spine that maybe harmful, the Migun patented 5 jade probe system rolls between the scapulas for a deeper, soothing, and relaxing therapeutic massage.

FDA (Federal Drug Administration) Class II Approved: as a Medical Instrument under the 510K regulation, and can be used without a prescription.
Also approved and recognized by Health Canada.

Free Trial System:

because we are confident about our product, we want people to experience the positive benefits of the revolutionary Migun thermal massage beds themselves free of charge. There’s absolutely no obligation to buy or sign any contracts.

Professional, Knowledgeable Consultants and Relaxing Environment:

you will experience a relaxing, professional, non-pushy, comfortable, caring, and pleasant atmosphere. We also have other alternative health and even beauty services to provide you with a one shop stop source for all your alternative health and beauty needs.

The Migun Name and Company: established since 1988, we have more than 400+ branches worldwide, still growing, and have received numerous international recognized achievements for our products.

Clinically Tested and Revolutionary Thermal Massage Equipment:

provides you with a deep therapeutic full body massage from head, waist, and legs

Seven Operational Modes to Choose from:

therapy treatments range from as little as 15 minutes to as long as 34 minutes. Also provides two external infrared & jade units to maximize the effectiveness of the therapy.

Special Features for Feet and Abdominals:

also offered is our special foot massage feature if you have tired and sore feet. If you want to focus more on exercising your abdominal area to firm up the stomach muscles, we have this feature too.

Safe and Secure:

Migun has acquired numerous patents and quality control certificates to ensure our products meet safety and durability standards.

The HY-7000 Thermal Massage System:

2 meters in length and can accommodate most body sizes from short to tall individuals.

Clinically Tested and Approved:

Migun thermal massage beds have been clinically tested at the University of California Irvine, School of Medicine for more than 3 years and by hospitals in China and Korea. Presently there are approximately 50 hospitals using the Migun thermal massage beds in China and Korea.

The therapy creates a healthy atmosphere by producing negative ions, generating far infrared rays, and completely neutralizing harmful electromagnetic waves. The MIGUN thermal massage bed is the “healthy relax system” that integrates natural and modern science that can help you attain quality.

Improvement Reaction

What Is Initial Reaction?

An initial reaction is the temporary discomfort on your body until your conditions get better. In other words, “no pain, no gain”. It is a process that reveals hidden diseases and sicknesses through a detoxification process. It contributes to a permanent treatment on the origin of the problem, and it will disappear soon.

When muscles are overworked, your whole body will ache. When you continue to work the muscle, your body will become accustomed to it, and therefore muscles will not ache any longer. This is what Migun Thermal Massage does, and it is basically what a healing reaction is (in simple terms).

The detoxification process may temporarily cause high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis (hardening of arteries), anemia, backaches, headaches, fatigue, roughening of skin, stomach trouble and neuralgia. This is a natural process that promotes healing. Everyone experiences a different healing reaction, so it is hard to say who will go through what symptoms. (Note: these symptoms may occur several times throughout the detoxification process)

For each person there is a different reaction to Migun Thermal Massage. It differs from their state of health to the medications that they have taken or are taking, their diet, and the amount of stress they are under.

What Is the Cause?

Acupressure, heat, and far-infrared rays will penetrate your skin into your blood streams and improve blood circulation, which will then dissolve toxic materials/waste in you body. Within about 3-5 days, the first stage of dissolving toxic material will occur. Then eventually, it will be dissolved.

Since this is relatively a sudden process for the organs and the brain, they will experience a little shock. The brain will then realize that there are toxins to be removed from the organs, and it initiates biological reactions to the toxins.

For example, constipation can be caused from an interfered spinal nerve root between the brain and the large intestine. When the Migun treatment re-activates the communication between the large intestine and the brain, the brain suddenly realizes that the large intestine is full, initializing a process to get toxins out of the large intestine. Diarrhea may be experienced as the initial reaction in this case. This process can also be understood as a detoxification process.

Initial Pain on the Back

The shapes of the spine for many people are more or less bent from the designed shape because of their bad posture. When they first try out the Migun Thermal Massage Bed, pain will be experienced on the area where the abnormal shape is located. However, the chiropractic principle applied to Migun will help their spine to get back to the desired shape, and the pain will quickly go away.

How Long Will It Be?

An initial reaction usually shows within 3-5 days after the first use, but it is different for everyone. For some people, their healing reaction shows after 1-3 weeks. For some people it surfaces 1-3 months, and in extreme cases, it can be 6 months to 1 year after continuous use.

These initial reactions will eventually go away once all the toxins and wastes are removed from the body or organs. The health effect caused from these initial reactions will be permanent since the actual causes of the problems are treated and cured. The retrospective survey from The University of California, Irvine has found that most of the initial reactions will disappear within 8 weeks of Migun treatments upon constant use.

Disappearance of Initial Reactions

Disappeared within 1~2 weeks 70%

Disappeared within 3~4 weeks 20%

Disappeared within 5~8 weeks 10%

Initial Reaction: A Self Diagnosis

1) The stronger your initial reaction is, the better it is for your body. This is so because it has a greater healing effect. Continue to use Migun Thermal Massage.

2) If you feel great from the beginning, it is because your body’s healing speed is faster than the speed of excretion of waste. It also has great results.

3) Any initial reaction is both normal and good because it leads to a healthy body.

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