Vaastu Energizer Board

Perfect dwelling at home can never be attained by expensive exteriors or affluent buildings; science of Vaastu was introduced keeping the same reality in mind. Spiritual researchers over many years have proved improvement in peace and happiness at the place of residence by adopting principles of Vaastu, but unfortunately accommodation of all the Vaastu principles precisely in the premises that we reside is never feasible.

The effect of depletion of spiritual vibrations at home due to negligence of abiding these principles is most often felt by the residents in one form or the other. Frequent unexpected illnesses, recurring accidents, paranormal activities, recurring discord or animosity at house, lack of peace, mental distress are some of the examples of unpleasant and distressing frequencies generated in the premises. Reconstruction of buildings or making major alterations wouldn’t be feasible in most of the cases; in such a scenario, the only available alternative would be to resort to some simple remedies to avoid the effect of haphazard vibrations.

When one chooses to opt for such alternative remedies care must be taken to check what kind of vibrations can be created at the premises by their usage and how assuring can these alternatives be in bringing down distress. Though there are many alternatives available to resolve this issue, the most effective approach would be to resort for something that is natural and which can, not only emit consistent positive vibrations at home but also something which can observe unwanted energies from home naturally.

We have come across many defective houses of our clients that have put the occupants to misery although they had performed many rituals like Vaastu puja, homa, Sarala Vaastu etc. in a grand manner. Any Vaastu defects will ultimately lead to emitting and attracting negative energies spoiling the atmosphere at home which in turn affects the mental peace, physical health of the occupants. Most of the time the rituals performed to seek blessing will be neither enough nor will continuously beam positive energy to tackle the permanent exterior damage caused by wrong construction. The deployment of Vaastu enhancer board consisting of natural healing stones emitting positive vibrations 24/7 in defectively structured houses can mitigate the problems connected with defective Vaastu. Employment of a Vaastu board is an inexpensive exercise which is easy to implement too.

Vaastu enhancer boards are made up of natural healing stones, formed in nature over hundreds and thousands of years which emit particular form of healing energy based on the process and pattern of formation in the nature. These healing stones emit energies which have various properties of cleansing and healing. By usage of these healing stones being arranged in a definite manner wide range of benefits can be acquired.

Vaastu enhancer board is a technique that employs precious healing crystals as a channel for natural healing energy. The stones in this board are laid by intense scientific research in a manner to channel positive energy into the house to cure and protect the house and the inmates against mental, physical, emotional and spiritual problems while removing negative energies.

The Vaastu enhancer board taps into the traditional Ancient Indian and Egyptian concept of increasing life energy (prana shakti) and balancing chakras of the house and its inmates. The board also focuses on balancing the five elements namely Earth, Water, Sky, Ether, Air which in turn helps in bringing love, peace, harmony, abundance and progress.

Benefits of Vaastu Enhancer Board

  • Rectifying Vaastu defects in a house
  • Balancing chakras of the inmates of the house
  • Mental peace at home
  • Warding off evil spirits
  • Protection against evil eye
  • Grounding negativity
  • Clearing unwanted emotions residing at home
  • To ward off sickness or ill health
  • Attracting wealth and abundance
  • Physical abundance of inmates of the house etc.

Vaastu Enhancer Board is usually advised for people who are suffering from emotional, mental, spiritual or monetary blockages.The healing stones used in the board help in balancing, healing and cleansing the energies at the house which will in-turn give residents of the house a boost for the overall harmony of the family.

Vaastu EnhancerBoard has beencarefully programmed, channelled and Energized at Abhivrudhi, to amplify the positive vibration of a house/office and in turn to benefit the inmates of the place, by simply placing it in a desired area can strengthen and tone up the entire energy system of the place.

Rectification of imbalances and negative energies due to Vaastu defects can be attained by the usage of these healing stones which emit healing energies which act as a remedy to remove Vaastu dosh.

Usage of Vaastu enhancer board is one of the resolutions which can be easily followed without making any major changes in the existing building. Logically speaking if one cannot change the exteriors of the house the only available alternative is to focus on increasing the positive energy inside.

Using the vastu energizer board helps to counter balance the negative elements of vastu in any place easily by just placing it in an appropriate place and direction.

This Vaastu enhancer board is tailor made

a) for those suffering from problems of frequent fights at home
b) increased disturbances during celebrations, festivals and pujas
c) Repetitive ill-health and hospitalization of members at home

This board is especially effective for those suffering from ill-effects of black magic, evil eye, mysterious symptoms at house/space being haunted like hearing unexplainable noises, rattling sounds of doors or windows, unexplainable shadows, disturbed sleep etc.

Properties of Crystals

The type of stones to be used, the positioning of stones in the boards, energizing them, programming them, channelling them etc.are chosen according to the symptoms, issues, problems arising out of defects in 5 elements principles of science of Vaastu. All this is influenced by the healing crystal philosophy in Vaastuknowledge and with in-depth study of energy imbalances (a concept largely neglected and dismissed by most, which is root cause of major sufferings in the society).

The benefits and power of healing stones have long been recognized from the ancient times of Dwapara Yuga, Thretha Yuga to modern healing alternative medicine therapies. These stones available in nature emit natural healing energies which have been prized for their beauty, special powers and spiritual healing properties by healers, priests, meditators and spiritual seekers worldwide.

After years of study, experimentation and guidance of my masters across the world, Sammrruddhi has researched that, to correct the energy field at the place of residence one needs another energy field which should be natural and not man-made gadgets and symbols. Developing and experimenting with various energy devices we have found out something which is proved to be one of the naturally available remedies, which are completely energy based and can be an answer.

Here are the Exclusive, Rare and Precious Healing Crystals used in our Board

Element Crystal Properties

Image result for red jasper triangle shape
Red Jasper
Grounds energy, centre and stabilize energy, protect your energy field, attract money, gain strength, attract success, improve fertility,grow plants, etc.


Induce healing, Make peace with somebody, Make new friends, perform purification, Induce peace, Expand universal love, Induce lucid dreams, Practice divination,Increase intuition.


Tiger’s Eye
Increase energy, increase vital power, awakened enthusiasm, protect your aura, fight against psychic attacks, strengthen your will, perform purification.


enhance your intellectual abilities, develop inspiration, improve memory, improve communication expand awareness, bring up new possibilities.


Lapis Lazuli
perform rituals and sacraments, unlock past life memories, mprove your meditation, increase your spiritual powers.

5 Elements – Vaastu & Crystals

The causative nature of the five elements: Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space are the key to the study and practice of Vaastu.

The entire Universe, whether it is stars, planets, moons, or any form of life, is made up of these five elements. In buildings, each direction is dominated by one element – a balanced state being the cause of positive, and an imbalanced state the cause of negative effects.

It is the balance or imbalance among these Panchtattva that makes one’s Space a virtual heaven or hell.

An underground water tank in South Zone will cause anxiety, fire-accidents, restlessness and disturbed sleep. Similarly, the fire placed in North Zone (Zone of Water) will block new opportunities, receipt of payments and lack of orders, as they are attributes of this Zone. So here in these examples, you can see how an imbalanced state of elements in a building creates problematic real-life situations.


It is associated with conception of new ideas, clarity of thoughts, creation of new vision, flowing of new opportunities in your life, healing energy, immunity and restoration of health. Water dominates the North direction in buildings.

When Balanced State is achieved by using Precious Crystal:

When Water is in balanced state in a building, the people in such buildings can see the larger picture of life. Though their attitude towards life becomes spiritual and philosophical, they are, at the core, essentially, worldly beings.


Air represents growth in your life. It is also associated with movement, especially rotational movement, so it brings refreshment, fun, joy and happiness in life. This element dominates the East. The Chinese call it the Wood element.

When Balanced State is achieved by using Precious Crystal:

Air gives you the courage to try new things, take risks for your growth and to explore your inner-self. You get to meet people who pave the way for your growth and you perform impressively.


Fire is the driving force behind all life processes and thus is equated with money in modern era. It can transform your life with confidence and enthusiasm. South is the direction of Fire.

When Balanced State is achieved by using Precious Crystal:

In its balanced state, Fire brings you fame and recognition among the masses. It gives you zeal, power, strength, confidence and money, which become the driving force behind life and its processes.


Mother Earth gives stability. balance, infinite patience and maturity in character are imbued by this element. Earth dominates the centre and diagonal directions in every built-up Space.

When Balanced State is achieved by using Precious Crystal:

When balanced, this element induces stability in your life – be it your career, behaviour, relationships, or results of your efforts. It encourages towards a feeling of peace and harmony with the entire world – especially with those related by blood.


Space represents expansion, enhancement, extension, spread, communication and even thought process (Mental Space). Space dominates the Western direction. The Chinese call it the Metal element owing to perfect space configuration in metals (Atomic Structure).

When Balanced State is achieved by using Precious Crystal:

In a balanced state, Space gives you the charge of your destiny. It gives you a sense of direction and the ability to get organized, ensuring that you excel in all that you do. Space gives you the knowledge and awareness to understand new, creative and beneficial ideas.

So, we shall have to live without hindering the five elements based system of the nature. If interference is happened in the said system then some disaster may happen in life. If we read the rules of Vaastu Shastra then we shall be able to understand that if we make drawings of our houses and business places maintaining consistency with nature then residents of those places will have very good and sophisticated relation with each other and so they will lead a peaceful life.

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