Jikiden Reiki Treatment

Reiki in its original form as thought

“Jikiden” means direct or directly handed down without alteration which allows us to experience Reiki in its original form as taught by its founder Master Usui.Jikiden Reiki essentially focuses on treatment of illnesses both physical and psychological through energy/Prana/Chi/Ki/life force energy which is available in abundance in nature.Jikiden Reiki stands for original reiki teachings, which belongs to an authentic Japanese lineage.

Jikiden Reiki (直傳靈氣, directly taught Reiki) is the original authentic Reiki that was taught and practised in prewar Japan. It is based on the traditional Japanese culture and values, unaffected by the Western thinking and cultures. Western Reiki has evolved from the original Japanese Reiki but lost important therapeutic techniques and introduced misunderstandings that make their Reiki less effective.

Chiyoko Yamaguchi (山口千代子) and her relatives learned the original Reiki from master Hayashi in 1930th and continued to use it during and after the war. In 1999, Chiyoko and her son Tadao (山口忠夫) successfully restored the original Hayashi’s system as Jikiden Reiki by collecting notes, photographs, and memories retained among their relatives.

Currently, Jikiden Reiki is the only system available to anyone who can learn the original authentic Reiki. There are now over 10,000 Jikiden Reiki practitioners in Japan as well as another 10,000 practitioners abroad in over 40 countries. Its textbook is available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hungarian. Many non-Japanese people appreciate this traditional genuine Reiki.

This lineage goes from Master Mikao Usui sensei to Master Chujiro Hayashi to Master Mrs Chiyoko Yamaguchi to her son Master Tadao Yamaguchi and my Master Frank Arjava Petter.

In short, it is the original method as thought by Master Usui (Founder of Reiki) devised for the improvement of body and mind. If you are already a wester Reiki student then you must know that Master Mrs Takata’s Lineage has a lot of alterations and false information as compared to the original teachings of Master Usui, whereas in Jikiden Reiki all seminars worldwide follow exactly the same format so that information is always passed on without alteration. Jikiden Reiki brings back many effective and important techniques that have been lost in Western Reiki.

It gives me immense pleasure to share about Dr Purvi Jayaaraaj, Reiki grand master, one among the very few in the entire world who have learnt Reiki from such a short lineage, in fact, the only teacher for Jikiden Reiki in South India and youngest in India. The credit of conducting the first ever Jikiden Reiki seminar in South India also goes to the holistic healer Dr Purvi Jayaaraaj

Learning Jikiden Reiki will not just give you an opportunity to learn Reiki Treatment as originally thought by Master Usui but you can also get accredited to Jikiden Institution/you will get certification from Japan. You will be 6th in the lineage of the founder of this ancient Healing Treatment. If interested in Learning Jikiden Reiki please contact Samruddhi, drugless therapy center at Bangalore.

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