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Learn about your Self Healing Abilities through Basic workshop
on Drugless Therapy.
will be held online on 19th March 2023

– Dr. Purvi Jayaaraaj

“Any sort of change that we want outside us must first take place within us
and this is possible by using our own MIND and God gifted ENERGY that is available
in abundance for our use in the Universe”

Drugless Therapist & Holistic Healer

Samrruddhi, drugless wellness center, offers
workshops & healing therapies
that target at making you the master of your
own destiny by unleashing the
mystical powers everyone is born with.

Dr. Purvi Jayaaraaj has been a revolutionist in
creating massive awareness
about Holistic Healing and Drugless Therapy

“Heal your Soul and Mind to heal your body without any chemical intake”
“Awaken your inner pharmacy through the windows of your own Soul and Mind”

Welcome to Holistic Healing

Healing Center & Institute for Drugless Therapy

Samrruddhi Healing Centre and Institute for Drugless Therapy welcome you to an intriguing and expansive world where you explore your own potential to heal mysterious physical, mental or spiritual issues through your mind and soul power. Holistic Healing helps you tap into the hidden powers of your subconscious mind and know how to work with it and get what you want effectively and efficiently.

Our drugless healing clinic offers support to identify the cause of your concern so that you will start to feel better.


Life Time Remedy through Drugless Healing

Areas We are Expertise in

We enjoy working with individuals who are ready to explore their inner world and self-awareness. Clients come to our spiritual healing centre for many different reasons ranging from wanting to overcome common symptoms like: stress and anxiety, fears and phobias, improving marital and family relationships, communication skills, parenting challenges, and building self-confidence to overcoming chronic physical ailments where long intake of chemicals haven’t helped much or worsened your condition.

Along with mindfulness and cognitive restructuring skills, Samrruddhi, the drugless healing clinic uses techniques derived from Ancient Indian Therapies and Western Alternative Medicine Modalities which are empirically-based treatments proven to be effective for treatment of many psychological, emotional or physical issues.

Yes!! It is possible with a simple meditative practice to unlock your potential that can heal you inside out. Samrruddhi, the spiritual healing centre, invites you to experience it for yourself.

Our Work

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Our Services

Samrruddhi offer services of holistic cures that consider the whole person i.e., the body, mind, spirit, and emotions in the quest for your optimal health and wellness. The primary goal of holistic cure practice and philosophy is to help one achieve optimal health by gaining proper balance in life

We can Help:

  • Reduce Psychological concerns
  • Increase your Charisma
  • Improve your Physical Health
  • Balance your Emotions
  • Progress in Spirituality

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Popular TV Shows

Dr. Purvi’s well-spoken convictions about Drugless Therapy has been telecasted on many popular regional news channels like TV 9, Public TV, Suvarna News 24/7, E TV, Udaya TV, Kasturi TV, Samaya News, B TV, Raj News, Sarala Tv and many other news channels.

You can Watch:

  • Demonstration of successful recovery of hundreds of patients who were affected by medical concerns getting healed through Holistic Healing.
  • Patients share evidence of their success story on various news channels.

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Our success rate is equally proportional to 1000’s of satisfied clients who have come out of their mysterious problems by believing in their own mind power & soul’s energy. We appreciate their courage to accept recovery via TV shows & acknowledging it in writing too.

You can Watch:

  • Clients share their honest opinion about their miraculous recovery at Samrruddhi
  • Inspirational overwhelming true stories of individuals daring to trust their own inner self to heal their concerns
  • Clients journey of turning tragic circumstances of self and others into something beautiful by learning & using healing therapies

What They Say

Kirlian Aura Photography

The Kirlian camera serves as a fantastic tool in measuring one’s electromagnetic field, based on the state of the art technology especially when a sufferer gets dejected by not finding the accurate reasoning behind physical ill-health or mental issues despite varied tests conducted to the physical body.

It can Help:

  • Shows the health of your aura
  • Shows balance of chakras
  • Reveals present health status of all your organs
  • Predicts probable future disease

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Tapping into your Inner Self

Self-awareness through Holistic Healing will become an excellent journey of self-research and will greatly enrich your life through enhanced understanding of yourself and others. You will start observing yourself and others at a deeper level, and this observation will put you in a state of pause. And if the pause becomes your second nature, you will have already mastered certain states of mind and consciousness. Consistent meditative practices help you settle on a particular level of consciousness and operate from there to heal even your physical ailments.

Alternative Medicine Modalities

  • Taps into your innate healing abilities
  • Treats alignments from the root cause
  • 100% safe, natural and has no side effects
  • Methods are time tested world wide
  • Faith is the Key
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