Crystal Malas

Crystal Malas create a cocoon of energy around the aura of the wearer and protects from unwanted energies entering the energy field. Crystal beads in the mala enhances positive energy in wearer by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. Wearing Mala made up of healing crystals formed naturally in the nature can be used to purify energies on the spiritual, mental, and physical planes.

Multi coloured Crystal Mala is made up of 108 plus 1 bead. The beads are clear and round in shape. Every colour in the mala is associated with a Chakra in the body. Mala made from multi crystals gives concentration, emotional stability, focus, strength, better communication skills, intuition, enhanced spiritual energy and many more.

Multi Coloured Crystal Malas are the best and easiest ways to balance and heal the chakras. Mala can be used for healing and meditation purposes also.

About Chakra Balancing Mala

If the chakras in a person are not balanced or if the energy in them are blocked the prana energy or basic life force energy passing through them will be slowed down. And such an individual will suffer not only with physical bodily ill-health and diseases but also the thought process and mind will be affected negative attitude, fear, doubt, laziness, weakness may pre-occupy the individual. If any imbalances exist within any chakra it may have profound effects either on one physical and mental health.

Keeping the chakras healthy promotes health and sense of well-being. Using natural healing stones available in nature emitting innate healing energies help to rebalance all chakras effectively. By helping chakras to balance properly with the help of such external assistance physical and mental well-being can be reached easily.

The reason why healing rocks or stones are so wonderful and powerful tools to balance the chakras are because of the piezoelectric effect, the same can be seen in quartz watches. The energy emitting from these beads in the bracelets are made out of natural healing stones available in nature respond to the electricity running through our body. And if the energy is sluggish in our body or chakras the constant electric vibrations of these stones will help to harmonize, balance and stimulate the energies.


The easiest way to remember what each bead does is by learning the properties of colour which will help you identify the general functions of these healing stones. The colour energy of these stones has enormous potential to heal your chakras.

I. Red beads: It is associated with the first chakra at the base of the spine called mooladhara/ root chakra. Helps to overcome fear, anxiety, insecurities, frustration, suicidal tendencies, laziness and other physical ailments related to hips, legs, lower back and sexual parts.

II. Orange beads: It is associated with the sacral centre or swadisthana chakra located two inches below the naval. The energy emitted from this bead help to overcome issues related to sexuality, creativity, self-gratification and emotional imbalances, and physical ailments related to sexual organs, kidneys, stiff lower back, constipation, bladder and reproductive organs for women.

III. Yellow beads: They are associated with solar plexus or manipoora chakra located two inches below breast bone.

Helps to heal problems related to ego, anger, success, self-esteem etc., and physical ailments like digestive difficulties, liver problem, diabetes, food allergies etc.

IV. Pink beads: They are associated with heart or anahata chakra located behind the breast bone.

The healing energies emitting from these pink stones bring in more love, compassion and emotional empowerment helps one to lore themselves and others and helps to recover from physical ailments like high blood pressure, difficulty in breathing and other heart and related issues.

V. Blue beads: They are associated with the throat or visuddhi chakra located at the throat.

They aid in communication, expression of thought, truthfulness and faith. When this chakra is weak one may feel timid, be quiet, feel weak, can’t express thoughts and may also undergo physical illness like hyper thyroid, ear problems, sore throat, neck pain etc.

VI. Indigo beads: They are associated with the third eye or agna chakra.

By using energy beads that amplify the energy of the agna chakra one can enjoy higher intuition, psychic abilities, increased memory power and sixth sense. It also helps in overcoming physical symptoms like headache, eye strain etc.

VII. Violet beads: They are associated with the crown chakra or sahasrara chakra. It is located two inches above your brahmarandra.

Energizing this center with healing stones brings the gift of better connection with the source.

How to use

Crystal Malas can either be used to wear it around the neck or for Japas and meditation.

Simply wear the mala around the neck with an intention of having all your chakras balanced and healthy and let the mala do its wonders on you.One can wear the Mala all the time without any restrictions, including even during the time of taking bath.

It can also be used while reciting Bhija Mantras of respective chakras to activate them.

Here is the list of Bhija Mantra that can be reciting while holding the Respective Chakra Bead in the Mala:

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