Crystal trees

Crystal trees also known as the “feng-shui” gem treeis studded with a set of precious crystals. This tree consists of multi-coloured semi-precious stones, each related to different chakras in our bodies.

It will generate good fortune, good health, happiness, prosperity and great relationship. It balances your chakras, yin and yang and the 5 elements so that one could achieve the highest excellence in all areas of one’s life.The multi-coloured crystal tree can be used to empower and infuse your home or workplace with healthful energy.

They are also best used for healing and protection by producing sacred space for homes and workplaces. The multi-coloured crystal tree will be combined with either amethyst, smoky quartz, tiger eye, rose quartz, white crystal, blue lace agate, green aventurine, red agate etc. Therefore, it is excellent to balance our seven chakras, masculine and feminine energies and the 5 elements of our surroundings.

Properties of Crystals

Every semi-precious stone in the crystal tree emits different form of energies that helps in healing and manifesting different qualities for our wellbeing.

  • Red Jasper: Helps heal Muladhara Chakra. Properties – Protection, good luck, balance body/mind/spirit, perceptiveness, strength, inspiration, awaken talents.
  • Orange carnelian: Helps heal Swadistana Chakra. Properties – creativity, manifestation, good luck, precision, analytical capabilities, verbal skill, protection, protection from anger, jealousy and fear, peace, spirituality, reduce sorrow.
  • Yellow Citrine: Helps heal Manipura Chakra. Properties – Success, intuition, comfort, creativity, physical energy, wealth, mental awakening, protection, good fortune/ luck, decrease nightmares,
  • Green Aventurine: Helps heal Heart Chakra: Properties – Healing, money, mental agility, increased potentials, happiness, peace, opening heart, creativity, imagination, motivation, leadership, friendship, gambling luck, good fortune, career success, protection.
  • Amethyst: Helps heal throat and Ajna Chakras: Properties – “Sobriety Stone”, Peace, Calm, Inner Strength, Spirituality, Psychic Abilities, DreamWorks, Legal Problems, Money Issues.
  • Quartz: Helps heal Sahasrara Chakra and heal damages in the aura. Properties – Power stone, intensify energy, spiritual development, healing, raising consciousness, counter black magic.

How to use?

The multi-coloured crystal tree can be placed anywhere you want to cleanse and enhance positive energy, including the bedroom.

It’s a good practise to re-charge these crystals every now and then (once a month). The best way to reactivate them is to shine some lights on them or put them under the sun for an hour or so. You may also leave it in the moon light on a full moon, to let the crystals soak in the cosmic energy. Other practises like charging them with Doopa/incense sticks can also be done.

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